Seven Gables Care Home

Tel: 01983 754765

York Lane, Totland Bay, Isle of Wight PO39 0ER

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Seven Gables Care Home Isle of Wight


Whenever you have visitors, please extend our hospitality to them.  We would be delighted to serve you and your guests refreshments, either in your room, in the lounge, dining room or gardens.  If you have a guest who has travelled a distance, and you would like for them to join you for lunch or tea, we would be only too happy to arrange this for you.  Please give us advance notice so that we can instruct the catering staff to be prepared for your guests.


This is a home and not an institution, and as such, refreshments are available upon request at Seven Gables 24 hours a day should you wish.  Whether it be for a cup of tea, coffee, squash, milk, chocolate, horlicks, ovaltine or a milkshake, the choice is yours.  We do not make it a practice of waking you up at dawn with a cup of tea.  It is for you to advise us of your wishes.  If you do like an early morning drink, please let us know.


This is not an institution, it is your home


Breakfast is served in the home from 7am to 9am.

Lunch is served at 12 noon.

Tea is served from 5.45 to 6pm.

Supper is served from 9pm.