Seven Gables Care Home

Tel: 01983 754765

York Lane, Totland Bay, Isle of Wight PO39 0ER

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Seven Gables Care Home Isle of Wight

Most of our residents prefer a quiet life, and spend much of their time reading, watching tv or chatting with other residents, visitors and staff.  We enjoy weekly entertainment, garden parties and summer barbeques.  However we do recognise your independence and freedom of choice.  The types of activities and the frequency are often changed to best suit individual needs.


As we know your birth date from our records, we will always remember your special day and the cook will bake you a cake, unless you request to us differently.  Do not worry though, we will not place too many candles on your cake so as to give your age away!


We do always want to encourage you to continue with your existing hobbies or to explore new ones.  Please tell us about your interests.  We really want to know, as over the years we have gained much pleasure in learning about helping wherever possible to attain individual pursuits.  Maybe we can suggest something that would interest and stimulate you.  The choice is virtually unlimited, and even if you have a disability, there are still many interesting and relaxing ways to spend your leisure time.


Bithdays and celebrations
More activities


Seven Gables aims to create a homely atmosphere, where our residents can participate in the many activities available if they so choose.  We believe strongly in stimulation, motivation and laughter.

Our residents are encouraged and assisted to maintain their independence, privacy and dignity in a respectful way.